20 02, 2018

Chicago Teacher travels for expert care to Silver Cross Hospital

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Despite living in Chicago, Berner, 28, said she likes to come down to Silver Cross. In the fall, she met with Dr. Judy Sun, obstetrician and gynecologist. Berner said she would have slight pain in the area of her ovary, but nothing severe enough to warrant worry. However, after seeing Dr. Sun, she knew it [...]

30 01, 2018

Kankakee Woman Finds Comforts After Multiple Robotic

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For three years, Kankakee resident Teloa Smith wasn’t able to fully enjoy life because she was so stressed trying to make it to the bathroom in time to avoid an accident. Smith, like millions of women in the United States, was silently trying to cope with her constant incontinence. Things began to worsen as she [...]

5 06, 2017

Suffering Ends With Robotic Surgery

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NEW LENOX, IL — For over two decades, Plainfield resident Beth Kenealy’s quality of life was in a downward spiral. She suffered from constant incontinence which advanced to the point she was wearing the largest incontinence pad. In addition, after the birth of her third child, she had severe, heavy periods that included blood clots. [...]

20 09, 2016

New Lenox Woman discomfort eliminated after innovative surgery

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For three years, New Lenox resident Nadine Lawson hoped her uterine fibroid would shrink and disappear. Instead, she felt bloated and uncomfortable for years as the mass grew larger pressing on her bladder requiring her to constantly urinate. Since the fibroid enlarged, the 49-year-old was unable to have her annual gynecological exam completed. On the [...]

4 08, 2016

Silver Cross acquires Third da Vinci Robot

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The Midwest Institute of Robotic Surgery at Silver Cross Hospital in New Lenox, IL recently acquired its third da Vinci robot—the Xi® Surgical System, for advanced minimally invasive procedures.   One of the top three robotic surgical programs in the Midwest, more procedures using da Vinci robotic technology are performed at Silver Cross than any other [...]

24 09, 2015

Silver Cross surgeons get big assist from ‘robots’

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We're not talking about something as advanced as Will Robinson's robot when it comes to those being used to assist in surgeries at Silver Cross Hospital in New Lenox. However, those who remember the 1960s television series may be surprised at what modern medical robots can do. Silver Cross has averaged about 1,000 surgeries during [...]

31 01, 2013

New Lenox Woman Finds Relief after a Robotic Hysterectomy

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For over a year, New Lenox resident Jennifer Ujka suffered with severe cramps and excessive bleeding for seven days during her monthly menstrual cycle. Her extreme bleeding eventually caused her to become anemic. In addition, she had incontinence issues. Fortunately after discovering the cause of her illnesses, Jennifer found immediate relief after having robotic surgery [...]

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