Office Manager: Brenda Virgen


Brenda has been the office manager at Suburban Gynecology & Urogynecology since 2014.  Her responsibilities include managing patient’s billing accounts, insurance contracts, employment management, staffing, and all day-to-day operations of the three offices. She is always available  for any patient’s questions or concerns to ensure that our patients receive the highest satisfaction and experience.  Her twenty years of managerial experience along with her dedication and approachable personality makes Brenda a great asset to our patients and office.

Surgery Coordinator: Tracy F.


Tracy has been with Suburban Gynecology & Urogynecology since 2015.

Her role includes scheduling patients for inpatient and outpatient surgical procedures.  She reviews all preoperative paperwork with patients, confirms insurance coverage for services and reviews all financial details and communicates with patients to ensure patient understanding of her financial responsibility. Tracy contacts the patient’s insurance to determine coverage and cost of any surgery, office procedures, as well as any necessary medical device that may be needed by the patient. Tracy coordinates the requests for medical clearance if necessary prior to surgery.  Tracy’s attention to details makes the patient feel well-informed and minimizes any unexpected changes.

Office Receptionists: Caitlin, Colleen, and Daniela

Caitlin, Colleen, and Daniela

Our fabulous front desk staff make all office appointments, relay patient requests and messages to providers, collect copays and balances, handle requests for medical records, verify insurance coverage, and other essential clerical duties.  They assist the patients with any questions regarding access to the patient portal (HEALOW).  

Caitlin has been with us since 2012, Colleen joined in 2018, and Daniela came in 2017.  In addition to her receptionist role, Daniela is also responsible for completion of FMLA and Return to Work paperwork.

Medical Assistants: Jessica, Leah, Melissa, Lindsay

Jessica Leah Melissa Lindsay

Our well-trained MAs are responsible for obtaining vital signs and electronically updating the patient’s medical history.  They assist with office procedures, prepare lab specimens, complete prior authorizations for medications, notify patients of reviewed lab results, as well as assist with telephone triage and patient’s questions.  

Our MAs are essential to maintaining our successful practice and are willing to go above and beyond to help keep the office running smoothly.  

Jessica was the original MA who opened the practice with Dr. Merhi in 2007.  Lindsay joined the practice in 2014, Leah in 2016, and Melissa in 2019.

Ultrasonographer: Kerry


Kerry has been providing in-office ultrasounds to our patients since 2011.  She graduated from Northern Illinois University and is an ARDMS/ RDCS- Registered Sonographer OB/GYNE and Adult Echocardiology.  She performs pelvic ultrasounds in our office multiple days per month.  Our patients find Kerry to be professional, kind and courteous, thereby often alleviating patient’s fears. Her long-standing experience and amazing attitude makes her services valuable to our patients.


Center of Excellence in Minimally Invasive Gynecology (COEMIG) Award

Suburban Gynecology is proud to be awarded with the Center of Excellence in Minimally Invasive Gynecology (COEMIG) Award by the AAGL, the leading association of minimally invasive gynecologic surgeries worldwide.

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