Services & Procedures

At Suburban Gynecology we offer a wide range of Gynecological services and procedures with patients ranging from adolescence to menopause. We believe that each woman deserves our respect and individual attention. We want women to feel comfortable and confident with their decisions.

Dr. Nahla Merhi and Dr. Judy Sun are dedicated specifically to Gynecological and Urogunecological Services, Procedures and Surgeries with a special interest in urinary incontinence and pelvic organ prolapse.

At Suburban Gynecology, we utilize new and innovative technologies, such as robotic-assisted surgeries and procedures that provide less pain and quicker recovery times. We provide complex services in minimally invasive ways. Additionally, we offer multiple in-office procedures with various anesthetic options for added convenience for our patients.

Our providers spend ample quality time with our patients to review all treatment options and ensure they are well informed and comfortable with all medical decisions. We are known not only for being skilled at complex surgeries, but also for our compassion and human touch. We empower our women to understand their issues and options for management.

I had my first visit with Dr Merhi today. I have to say, EVERYTHING about my visit with her was above excellent. She is very down to earth, very caring, took her time explaining everything as well as answered all my question (and I had a lot of them). I would recommend her to anyone looking for an easy to talk to, friendly, thorough, and kind Doctor. Also, her office staff was just as kind and friendly. - April 6th, 2016

Absolutely professional and will take her time.

Momani - Mar 21st, 2016

I absolutely LOVE Dr. Merhi! Been seeing her since 2009 and she is fabulous. Takes her time visiting with you and thoroughly explains everything. Wonderful personality!

Lisa B - Feb 25th, 2015

Dr. Mehri is awesome. Perhaps that is why she is so busy. Once she gets to you, the wait is worth it. She is thorough, her manner is impeccable, she is friendly, professional, and knowledgeable. - Dec 18th, 2014

Truly, one of the few doctors I’ve come across, who cares about her patients ! Excellent care all around ! - Oct 31st, 2012

Dr. Merhi is very kind and caring. She is a wonderful doctor.

Dawn Ries - Aug 22nd, 2012

She is the best Gyney I have ever went to. She is caring and knowledgeable. She takes the time to explain everything. I had a d/c ablation and I can tell you I have not had any problems since and it has been 3 years. We need more docs like her.

TRACY KOWALCZYK - May 8th, 2011

Dr. Merhi is great! Her bedside manner makes you so comfortable in what could be an uncomfortable visit. I have referred people to her that say… “Dr. Merhi fixed my problem and I just want to kiss her!” It makes me happy to know that I sent my friends to a great Dr. after knowing how many things they have been through trying to get their problems solved.

Eraina - Apr 20th, 2011


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